Patients Reviews

Top notch. I drive from Eastern Washington to get my annual mammogram. Dr Jacob’s is very respectable and professional.

Katherine R. | Jul 23, 2024
Wonderful staff, very nice and friendly.

Beverly L. | Jul 23, 2024
Quick and easy, no problems. Parking is a bit trick, that's all.

Brady M. | Jul 23, 2024
Great experience!

Van H. | Jul 23, 2024
I have been a client of Dr. Jacobs for many years. His expertise and knowledge is excellent. Highly recommend!

Renay B. | Jul 19, 2024
Very good technician.

Kathryn R. | Jul 19, 2024
I had pneumonia and was recommended by One Stop Medical. I was grateful that I could have the X-rays taken on very short notice. I was also thankful that the lovely receptionist from Bulgaria went the extra mile and gave me the X-rays so that I could immediately take them back to One Stop. Dr. Jacobs conclusion began with the diagnosis of COPD. As a non smoker, I was very alarmed. I returned home to LA and immediately went to my PCP who looked at the X-rays and was quite sure I didn’t have COPD. I then went to a highly recommended doctor for Pulmonary medicine in Beverly Hills who also confirmed I didn’t have COPD. This was based on a Ct Scan. I am writing this to help other patients be aware to get second, perhaps third opinions.

Tania A. | Jul 19, 2024
Had called with a question before the imaging and never got a return call, but the imaging process itself was fine.

Stephanie T. | Jul 19, 2024
Good experience

Manisha V. | Jul 18, 2024
Experience from start to finish was exemplary, staff accommodating/kind/knowledgeble/encouraging

Denise C. | Jul 18, 2024
A satisfactory service

Li Z. | Jul 18, 2024
For me, the annual mammogram is a moment full of anxiety. What are they going to find? But, I know that the team is very professional, thorough and caring. Dr Jacobs is nearby reading and interpreting the pictures. I feel cared for. I trust Bellevue Imaging that is why I come every year.

Patricia G. | Jul 17, 2024

Bronya V. | Jul 17, 2024
Dr. Jacobs and his staff are stellar! He diagnosed my breast cancer in 2020, and he continues to do careful scans and ultrasounds. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else but Bellevue Medical Imaging for these important exams.

Karla W. | May 30, 2024

Nina S. | May 29, 2024
Timely mammogram and ultrasound. Fast results.

Eva S. | May 29, 2024
My Doctor Kelly Weaver did not get the report until i had to ask your office to send it to him.

Wagih D. | May 28, 2024
Dr. Jacobs and his team were very through! It was a very good experience!

Sina C. | May 28, 2024
First of all, a real person answers the phone. You do not get a recording that puts you on hold indefinitely as is the case in too many offices. They also are perfectly on time, professional and polite. I have told many of my friends about the positive experience in this office.

Miriam Z. | May 28, 2024
The staff was very friendly and skilled and knowledgeable at getting the images quickly and efficiently. I felt well cared for.

Jennie M. | May 28, 2024
Quick simple X-ray visit. Was a smooth experience.

SaiRaghav D. | May 20, 2024
Great place, great service, highly recommend

Min W. | May 18, 2024
I have trusted your expertise as a radiologist and the way you run your business for well over 20 years.

Rhonda D. | May 08, 2024
Fast and efficient service.

Wendell C. | May 05, 2024
I got a breast ultrasound. The staff we’re very professional, friendly and accommodating. Very reasonable out-of-pocket payment.

Jeysi L. | May 05, 2024
All staff, from the front office to the technicians are very caring and nice. Thank you for your work.

Natalija D. | May 05, 2024
I didn’t have any interactions with the doctor, but the staff at BMI are kind, thoughtful, and helpful. The tech made sure I had a relaxing MRI experience.

Amanda B. | May 05, 2024
All of the staff were very nice and there was no any hassle during the visit and the procedure. Quiet enviroment too.

Dim L. | May 05, 2024
Providers in the back are great. No complaints, once you get back beyond the front office. That is where the problem is, the front office. My "first appointment" was scheduled months in advance, at 8am, and I drove through commuter traffice after working graveyard to get there on time. Was told that I had no appointment. When I pushed the issue that I did have an appointment, I was then told that I had been called earlier that the appointment was cancelled as the tech was sick. I pulled out my cell and showed her that no one had called me. I was told that they called my home. I explained that my home number rolls to my cell. She said "well, they were supposed to call you". Either way, there was no tech there, and I had just driven an hour for nothing, no option, no apology, just another 4 week wait for the next available appointment. And this whole conversation was overheard by everyone in the lobby as there is no privacy and she does not speak quietly. Very rude, very inconsiderate, and not very professional. Otherwise, this office is wonderful.

Mary M. | May 01, 2024
The technicians were great but the waiting room experience was not as professional as in the past. The layout and size of the waiting room has never been conducive to privacy but the receptionists were of a higher caliber. I really appreciate that I can have a mammogram, ultrasound, and DEXA in one visit and will continue to patronize. Also, the Dr. used to come in after the exam. It would be helpful if an Assistant could come in at the end.

Anne C. | May 01, 2024
The team that works there are nice. The Tec that did the scan was professional.

Richard A. | May 01, 2024
Quick & easy. And although the first try for a Calcium Score couldn't be done -- my fault, as my heart rate was too fast that day, they were very nice about it and simply rescheduled me for a second appointment soon thereafter. They didn't shame me or make me feel bad about the fact they had to set up twice and didn't charge me anything extra for the trouble. Unexpected nowadays. Exemplary customer service!

Mike C. | May 01, 2024
This is a review of the clinic not Dr. Jacobs. There was no patient privacy whatsover at check in. The small waiting room is in front of the check in person and she pratically yelled out what you are in for. I don't think everyone needs to have this very private testing be shared with everyone in the waiting room. Also, charged me full price and insisted that it was my co pay when I told her that it was not the case. She charged me the full amount anyways. Weeks later my insurance got processed and sure enough I overpaid. I finally received a refund but that was only after I made 2 phone calls. I don't even think I received the complete refund but at this point, I don't even have the energy nor time to call them and address it again.

H S. | Apr 30, 2024
He was kind and very helpful.

Ruben L. | Apr 30, 2024
Short waiting time, very friendly, very efficient

Rita M. | Apr 30, 2024
Always treated with respect and compassion.

Glenda G. | Apr 30, 2024
Overall, a positive experience from start to finish.

Chris H. | Mar 24, 2024
We paid out-of-pocket for calcification scans. Our PCP didn't express any concerns, but my husband's younger brother had a surgery to remedy an aneurysmal dilatation of the aorta, and so for peace of mind my husband wanted to check his own heart. It's a good thing that we did this, as is aorta is also mildly dilated. As for this facility, staff were kind, efficient, and the procedure was comfortable and quick. Now, my husband has a cardiology appointment!

Annette S. | Mar 20, 2024
The staff here all seemed compassionate

Michael W. | Mar 17, 2024

BHARATHI Y. | Mar 16, 2024
The most professional and caring staff. Recommend it to all my friends and family members.

Mitra M. | Mar 15, 2024
quick and easy; pleasant staff. the test results were helpful.

Dennis G. | Mar 14, 2024

Zosa A. | Mar 13, 2024
From the reviews and my recent and past mammogram, it has been comfortable process and the environment to go through the exam. The technicians were very thorough and thoughtful. The technicians and the doctors seems to be very specialized in this area of their practices. I would recommend to others! Thank you!

Shen W. | Mar 13, 2024
Always a good experience. Would not want to go anywhere else for this exam. Thank you for excellent service

Linda S. | Mar 13, 2024
I had my scan almost a month ago. Even after constant email follow-ups, I have not received the report that was supposed to be ready within 3-4 days.

NP A. | Mar 13, 2024
Such a great experience. I am quite claustrophobic and the heart scan machine had me a bit worried. The woman who took the scan (sadly I forgot her name) could not have been nicer or more understanding. Everyone was fabulous at the front desk as well!

Cindy O. | Mar 12, 2024
Everyone was professional and friendly.

Sandra S. | Mar 11, 2024
Good helping

Cheul Hwan R. | Mar 11, 2024
I had very good experiences here every time. Everyone was nice and professional!

Henchia H. | Mar 11, 2024
A warm cape is provided to change into. The cape is the easiest shape to use for minimum exposure. Privacy a priority. Small towels are provided to dry off ultrasound gel. Dr Jacobs has always been respectful, thorough, and careful. . I had him detect early breast cancer and I’m great now.

Halina B. | Mar 10, 2024
Wonderful place to get your mammogram. Everyone was nice and explained everything throughly! I will definitely come back when needed.

Angel C. | Mar 09, 2024
Dr Jacobs has a commitment to excellence and concern for his patients far beyond most doctors out there. He is seeing patients 2 weeks after breaking his leg and is in a wheelchair to get around. He has cared for me for the past 5+ years and I will NOT go anywhere else for my imaging.

MICHELE P. | Mar 08, 2024
I like the efficiency and friendliness at BMI. I've never met Dr Brian Jacobs.

Gail B. | Mar 08, 2024
Everybody is very good. The doctor's report is very clear and thorough.

Quan M. | Feb 28, 2024
MRI was great, but they didn’t give me the disc when I left & did not send imaging to my Dr.

Andy N. | Feb 01, 2024
Most of the staff are kind and helpful, the Drs. and technicians are amazing, professionals and hard workers.

Sara C. | Jan 29, 2024
Everyone I’ve met has been professional, personable and gracious.

Larry H. | Jan 28, 2024
Love the doctors and technicians, but scheduling an appointment takes days if not weeks. The system is completely inefficient. Patient has to call, leave a message, and then hope and pray you get a call back when you are available. If you don't pick up the call, you have to start the process all over.

Gabriela O. | Jan 24, 2024
Everything was good!

Aleksandr A. | Jan 22, 2024
Service is quick and efficient, but scheduling is difficult and requires leaving a message, waiting for a call back, etc. Definitely something to improve.

Igor D. | Jan 21, 2024
I have always felt confident walking into Bellevue Medical Imaging and knowing I would get the best of care. The staff is professional and efficient and take care to address any issues I may have.

Patricia S. | Jan 21, 2024
Everything went well, staff super nice. Reports took 2-2 1/2 weeks, except for for stat order, which took 2-3 days.

Patti H. | Jan 20, 2024
Appointment was on time, thorough went very well.

Susan S. | Dec 14, 2023
Every time I have utilized this facility for imaging the staff have been exceptional. The artistic decorating and overall ambience is inviting. And Dr Jacobs almost always is present to review the imaging with me before I leave. In other words, I feel personally attended to and appreciated as both patient and human being. That experience is not common in today's medical world. I highly recommend this place!

Frank H. | Dec 11, 2023
Good team and professional job!

Stella K. | Dec 09, 2023
Dr Jacobs and the team at Bellevue Medical Imaging are the best of the best. So dedicated, so caring, so committed to excellence. I sincerely appreciate how they cared for me.

John B. | Dec 08, 2023
My appointment process from the time I checked in till the time I departed was great. Everyone I came in contact with exceeded my expectations and provided great customer service. Thank you very much.

Haydon R. | Dec 08, 2023
From beginning to end of my appointment, all staff were kind, caring and supportive to me. They explained everything as we went along. Thank you so very much.

Linda S. | Dec 07, 2023
Everyone was nice and very professional. Great service

Deborah P. | Dec 06, 2023
Thank you Dr. Jacobs and entire team for the grate care and attention for any concerns details, for the early diagnostic and help.

Svetlana V. | Dec 06, 2023
The tests were done in a timely way. Dr Jacobs explained things when I questioned. I felt I was well taken care of.

Yvette D. | Dec 06, 2023
Excellent patient care, on time

Victoria S. | Nov 14, 2023
Dr. Jacobs has let me understand every step that she has done which reduces my nervousness. She is patient to answer my questions as well.

Henchia H. | Nov 14, 2023
Professional & efficient. Results sent to my Dr in timely manner.

Pat A. | Nov 13, 2023
The lab technician that performed my MRI was not good. She shoved the IV in my arm causing significant (unbearable) pain, and when I explained how painful the IV was, she tried to suggest the pain was normal and asked me if I ever had an IV before. I also felt like she rushed through the procedure and did not explain the process. As an MRI patient you are extremely vulnerable and for me personally, I was very uncomfortable complaining because I was worried the technician would cause me further pain. I found her to be incredibly unprofessional.

Christy B. | Nov 13, 2023
Everyone helped make me comfortable and answered my questions concerning the procedure.

Shonah G. | Nov 12, 2023
Dr. Jacobs and the entire staff were very caring and professional. We arrived an hour before my appointment, having driven 2 1/2 hours to get there. They ended up getting us in right away and did a wonderful, thorough job. This was the first mammogram I have had that did not hurt. It was a great experience and I will continue to go to them for future screening.

Karen D. | Nov 12, 2023
I had a great experience at Bellevue Medical Imagining. The staff was caring and efficient.

Ella A. | Nov 12, 2023
Everyone from the front desk to the radiologists were very professional and personable. I would highly recommend your business!

Tony B. | Nov 11, 2023
I felt I received a thorough exam. Everyone was kind and accommodating. Thank you.

Jane U. | Nov 11, 2023
On time. Received results quickly

Bonnie S. | Nov 11, 2023
I have referred many pts to this establishment and this was my first time at a pt myself. I waited over an hour for my 5 min x-ray. It did not appear to be particularly busy, but then come to find out, I had been skipped. I know the girl at the front desk was trying quietly to find out what the delay was, but still. When I asked to speak with Dr. Jacobs, I was led to a meeting room where I waited another 10 min before someone said he had already gone for then night…

Marit Z. | Nov 11, 2023
Courteous, efficient , and personable

Karen B. | Nov 10, 2023

Judy S. | Nov 10, 2023
it was very good... organized

Dave A. | Nov 09, 2023
Very smooth and fast process, as well as quick turnaround of results, thank you!

Arantxa T. | Nov 05, 2023
Bellevue Medical Image is fantastic, I have been going here for year's, every employee is very passionate and professional.

Lauren R. | Oct 14, 2023
Thank you

Shadia K. | Oct 14, 2023
professional, straightforward, and made the process as easy as could be for the patient.

Austin B. | Oct 13, 2023
Easy and Quick

Shauna L. | Oct 13, 2023
The team at Bellevue Medical Imaging is great to work with. I have been a patient for over 7 years and have received excellent care. Dr. Jacobs has only come in when needed and I appreciate his kind and caring approach when he does.

Michele A. | Oct 12, 2023
I never saw this doctor. I had someone else do the MRI.

Robert M. | Oct 12, 2023

Danyil M. | Oct 11, 2023
Very professional . Comfortable atmosphere. High end, state of the art mammography equipment. Would definitely go back for any imaging I might need. They have CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography , Bone Density, and regular x-ray.

CATHY G. | Oct 10, 2023
I came 2 hours early because I was worried about bridge traffic. Then the receptionist told me that I was also there 1 day early. On a busy afternoon, she managed with grace, to work me into the schedule. That kindness meant so much to me!

Jennifer W. | Oct 10, 2023
Very smooth experience.

Carolynne J. | Oct 09, 2023
Fast, friendly service!

Anne-Marie L. | Oct 09, 2023
I love Dr. Jacobs! I have been seeing him for over 20 years for my annual mammograms/ultrasounds, and every other radiology need (bone density biannually for the past 10 years.) He is attentive and does thorough exams, I never feel like he is rushed for time. That I usually am in an out of his office within 90 minutes (for mammo and the ultrasounds that follow) is an added bonus. His office is comfortable and calming, and staff is professional and efficient. My husband sees him too for all his radiology appointments. Great guy, the best doctor!

Laura M. | Oct 09, 2023
person who administered the ultrasounds was great. Front desk person not too friendly. Maybe no coffee yet...

Grant W. | Oct 09, 2023
Got me in at the last minute and did a great job. thanks.

James B. | Oct 08, 2023
It’s was a first…out in 35 mins

Kay N. | Oct 08, 2023
Efficient, pleasant

Tracy G. | Oct 07, 2023

Jerri W. | Oct 07, 2023

Ayna J. | Sep 09, 2023
They got me in, last minute. Super friendly and accomodating.

Debra C. | Sep 08, 2023
Courteous and competent

Sonya O. | Sep 08, 2023
On time, professional, prompt return of results. All done well.

Kathee R. | Sep 08, 2023
Very quality service in very economical price

Saurava B. | Sep 07, 2023
I unexpectedly needed a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, and I was feeling a bit anxious about the whole process. I appreciated that BMI scheduled me quickly, and got my mammogram and ultrasound scheduled back to back. Each technician I encountered explained what they were doing and what would happen next, which I felt was good trauma-informed care. I was even more pleasantly surprised when they told me the radiologist (Dr. Jacobs) would come in and discuss the results with me right away, so I didn't have to wonder and be anxious about it needlessly. (this is something they do for diagnostic scans, not routine screening scans). I felt comfortable asking questions and clarifying when I didn't know what a word meant. All in all, a much more pleasant experience than I expected going in. My only feedback would be the building signage and directions from the scheduler could be clearer which floor to enter on.

Breda W. | Sep 07, 2023
Quick and very professional

Kenneth N. | Sep 06, 2023
I came to this office for many years and will be more in the future. I’m very satisfied with staffs, they are very helpful, however, making an appointment very difficult on the website, I hope if the website updates so it makes more easier and I don’t have to call in.

Tram H. | Sep 05, 2023
My scan session began about 15' late. I understand that it's not always possible to maintain a on-time schedule, but it'd be good if staff told me that they were running late and the extent of the delay. Otherwise, staff was friendly and courteous.

Paul L. | Sep 05, 2023
Timely and the technician was very professional. Fast and it was over. Easiest mammogram in my lifetime.

Janet S. | Sep 05, 2023

Vicky N. | Sep 05, 2023
He was nice ,kind, took his time and got the job.

Tyrone A. | Sep 05, 2023
Good exper

Druci A. | Sep 05, 2023
I have been coming to Bellevue Medical Imaging since I first needed mammograms'. I count on their thoroughness of reading both the mammograms and ultrasounds that they do as a matter of standard procedure.

Kimberly R. | Sep 05, 2023
They were very punctual and pleasant.

Tracey A. | Sep 05, 2023
respectful staff and attentive attitude

NINA S. | Sep 05, 2023

Sue A. | Sep 05, 2023
The woman who did my scan was very nice and professional.

Janelle S. | Sep 04, 2023
Caring technicians.

Irene M. | Sep 04, 2023
I felt very comfortable

Michael S. | Sep 04, 2023
I had two appointments on the same day- 8.30 am am 10.30 am. After completion of the first, I informed the receptionist that I would back in 1hr 45 mins for the second appointment. He advised me to hold back and arranged the X Ray immediately and I left the facility at 9 am! Great customer service.

Arvind P. | Sep 04, 2023
I'm always well cared for.

Rosemary O. | Sep 04, 2023

Carol E. | Sep 04, 2023
Having a beautiful decor in a doctors office really makes the visit enjoyable.

Ann H. | Sep 04, 2023

Qianxiong L. | Sep 03, 2023

Cheryl J. | Sep 03, 2023
Great facility, great team. Would not go anywhere else for my mamo.

Martha T. | Sep 03, 2023
Professional, friendly and very thorough I will return!

Marnie B. | Sep 03, 2023
My appointment was smooth and the technician is fantastic. Thank you

Cynthia F. | Sep 02, 2023
Great patience for my mom who doesn't speak English

Yuanqian B. | Sep 02, 2023
Dr. Jacobs was very professional, kind, and well trained. He performed several procedures on me, and I felt like he was very qualified , and kept patient comfort as a priority. I would recommend them to anyone needing care.

Marjorie L. | Sep 02, 2023
Quick and easy.

Aaron T. | Sep 02, 2023
My care at BMI was incredible. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable during the appointment. I had to have a follow up for additional testing and Dr Jacobs met with me directly to share the results. I would highly recommend them again and again.

Regina P. | Sep 01, 2023
The entire staff were excellent. The procedure was personal and professional. Thank you.

Michael P. | Sep 01, 2023
Good - as always!

Jeanette E. | Sep 01, 2023
Once scheduled the procedure was prompt and professional

Ken B. | Aug 31, 2023
Front desk folks are always helpful. Tech was great, making sure that I am as comfortable as possible, explaining the procedure and checking in during the scan. I like the ability to see my results online.

Cyndi J. | Aug 25, 2023
Pleasant experience all around, nice staff members.

Rachel F. | Jul 28, 2023
I didn’t have to wait for my appointment. The radiologist made my ultrasound as pleasant as possible.

Michele Z. | Jul 26, 2023
She works excellent with me.

Sokae L. | Jul 25, 2023
Very relaxed and the X-ray Tech, well she was excellent.

Clif Y. | Jul 25, 2023
Wonderful, I arrived early and willing to wait my turn but they were ready and took me in right away. I was driving back to Cle Elum so I really appreciated that.

Kathy Z. | Jul 24, 2023
Dr. Jacobs was very professional, did his job in a very responsible way. He did inform me what I had right away and send me to the Emergency Room, where I was treated for my condition. and also the staff was very professional. Thanks Dr Jacobs.

Pnina E. | Jul 24, 2023
I had two different scan done. I was seen at my scheduled time and finished as planned. Very friendly and professional staff.

Mark M. | Jul 24, 2023
Excellent care, as always

Megan W. | Jul 22, 2023
Needed a CT scan of a hematoma on my forehead on July 3 with fast results as I was scheduled to fly on the 5th. Great fast service right before a holiday. Couldn’t ask for more.

Mary R. | Jul 18, 2023
I was only in for a calcium scan. Took about 5-10 minutes. In and out. Everyone was very nice and super polite.

Christine B. | Jul 14, 2023
Friendly and responsive staff. Very little wait time.

Kathy H. | Jul 14, 2023
Professional, kind care

Laura S. | Jul 13, 2023
Friendly, professional staff.

Kristina D. | Jul 13, 2023
Professional and caring.

Margaret J. | Jul 12, 2023
Both times I've gone to Bellevue Imaging, I've been impressed with their efficiency: they're really organized for scheduling appointments, checking people in, and staying on schedule. Plus, the technicians/nurses who administered my scans were very kind and caring. And given that I'm a self-pay patient, I find the pricing to be quite reasonable -- and they share test results really fast. One side note... if you have a service in the downstairs part of the building, it feels like a serene haven, with the music and tranquil decorating vibe that they have going on.

Michelle C. | Jul 12, 2023
Very efficient thank you

Scott C. | Jul 09, 2023
Walk-in,Friendly Staff & Fast Exam.

ROBERT S. | Jul 08, 2023
Great staff. Very friendly and helpful.

Marian M. | Jul 07, 2023
Very pleasant staff quick and efficient visit and scan.

Matthew E. | Jul 06, 2023
The MRI went well and was done on time.

Steve W. | Jul 03, 2023
Everything where perfect. Thank you so much for your service. LS

Lyudmila S. | Jul 03, 2023
I was so impressed how much time they took with me. They really care about my health and it showed.

Linda S. | Jul 02, 2023
BMI is always thorough and efficient

Michele F. | Jul 02, 2023
Everything went very smooth and their staff was very professional and friendly!!!

Emil K. | Jul 02, 2023
Doctor and staff were amazing during the entire experience.

Shauna L. | Jul 02, 2023
The exam was thorough, and the lady administering it was knowledgeable and efficient and friendly (that makes a difference!). She also easily answered all my questions!

Sandra H. | Jul 01, 2023
Very helpful

Jackie L. | Jun 30, 2023
Very happy with the services and care at Bellevue Medical Imaging. All of the staff is so kind, they're quick and efficient with scheduling and very accommodating. Highly recommend.

Ashley E. | Jun 30, 2023
Professional, friendly, and efficient.

Emma G. | Jun 29, 2023
Very professional, polite staff

Janette G. | Jun 20, 2023

Maricela V. | Jun 19, 2023
I have been a patient at Bellevue Medical Imaging for years and I can’t say enough about Dr. Jacob’s and his entire staff. Everyone is kind and her competent.

Julie F. | Jun 18, 2023
Results of exam were submitted soon after procedure performed.

Sharon S. | Jun 16, 2023
I have always and including my most recent visit had an excellent experience. The check in is smooth, efficient and a quick waiting time. The technician is very professional and informative. He always makes the experience pleasant and smooth. Thank you, Claudia Evers

Claudia E. | May 30, 2023

Diann L. | May 30, 2023
All is good. Nice office ,,Wish I didn’t have way to much calcium. I have app with Heart Doctor. Diann Lombardo

Diann L. | May 30, 2023
Your staff expedited my request for forward my MRI to the specialist and a quick and professional manner

Laurence B. | May 26, 2023
Quick and easy and pleasant staff

Ryan B. | May 26, 2023
I was nervous about MRI experience. The technician was fabulous and helped ease my anxiety.

Patti H. | May 22, 2023
Wait a bit long, other than that all done well.

Jonathan S. | May 22, 2023

Jihye S. | May 21, 2023
Very nice people and professional !!!!

Peter E. | May 21, 2023
I think this was a difficult day for everyone involved. The Imaging Center was understaffed & I was notified prior to my appointment, that it needed to be moved up, due to being down a tech. The tech that took my x-ray was filling in & normally a CT tech, so she did the best she could & it was fine. What was most impressive, is when I asked the front desk employee for a copy of my x-ray. She was very polite & I had the CD in my hands within minutes. Probably my biggest disappointment was not hearing from the Radiologist. I had a CT a week prior & the Radiologist called me & explained the situation, which I appreciated greatly. This time nothing. So overall, it was an ok experience.

Mark K. | May 20, 2023
The receptionist was very friendly and efficient. She kept me apprised of the short delay of my scan. The MRI tech made sure I was calm and comfortable It was a very positive experience.

Suzanne L. | May 20, 2023

Kathleen C. | May 20, 2023
Loved the crew. Very nice and very professional. I was at ease.

James B. | May 19, 2023
The staff was very friendly and professional. I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for my exams and I got the results in a few days. I've enjoyed coming here for several years and plan on continuing to come for my mammograms.

Marie W. | May 19, 2023
I felt very safe and cared for whilst in your office and all procedures were discussed beforehand. The technicians took their time and were thorough. I appreciated the fact the radiologist came in to discuss the findings personally. I would like to ask if the ultrasound gel used could be un-perfumed, as I'm sensitive to fragrance and as it was applied to my breasts (despite being wiped off) I was affected by the fragrance the remainder of the day. I contacted the gel manufacturer (Parker Labs) and they do make an un-perfumed product - Aquasonic Clear gel. They were unable to divulge the chemicals in the product used in your office. Thank you for making my experience a good one. Regards, Bev M.

Beverley M. | May 19, 2023
The CAC scan process was quick and easy

Joseph R M. | May 19, 2023
Staff was friendly, kind, and efficient.

Linda B. | May 17, 2023
The entire experience was excellent.

Michele M. | May 17, 2023
Both technicians were warm and friendly.

Alice T. | May 17, 2023
goog job

Jason L. | May 10, 2023
Good and quick service

Chim L. | May 10, 2023
I've been seeing BMI and Dr Jabobs for over 20 years for mostly mammograms but also MRI's and x- rays. It is a beautiful office. Very calming. Everyone is super nice and always helpful. I won't go anywhere else if it's at all possible.

Terry F. | May 10, 2023
Easy to schedule an appointment; easy to confirm and check in; great staff and results are received via mail in a few days. Thank you!

KATHLEEN R. | May 09, 2023
They were able to get me in 2 days after receiving a referral, and they made everything quick and easy.

Sherry S. | May 06, 2023
People were kind, and the environment was calming and comfortable

Linda B. | May 06, 2023
Dr Jacobs is one of those doctors one wish to meet during uncertain times. Very kind, warm, compassionated, comforting, human, he and his team know how to put at ease patients. I didn't feel like a "number" but like a person surrounded by caring people. Thank you so much for taking a such good care of me.

Michela B. | May 05, 2023
friendly and professional

John P. | May 04, 2023
All ok. Technician was kind. Results came fast. Bit shocked about no masking at the facility. I didn’t realize the law had changed. Recommend letting people know when they book.

Susan P. | May 04, 2023
Very good experience.All staffs are very kind, patient and helpful.

Xia C. | May 03, 2023
Did not know exactly what to expect, but all went well so we were pleased.

Chery C. | Apr 17, 2023
Fast efficient and kind people work there.

Jodi B. | Apr 17, 2023
Dr. Jacobs explained about the bone scan and made me feel very comfortable. He was personable yet professional. It was a very good experience.

Drusilla A. | Apr 13, 2023
It’s nice experience p

Bilen T. | Apr 13, 2023
My experience getting my annual mammogram was great. The staff is friendly and kind and the exam is thorough. I’m glad to leave knowing I don’t have to come back for follow up appointments.

Julia H. | Apr 13, 2023
Both personnel and service work great.

Felix S. | Apr 12, 2023
Quick check in and appointment was on time. The technician was excellent and explained everything that she was doing. Overall good experience and wasn’t scary.

Lisa D. | Apr 02, 2023
had a coronary calcium screening

Jane C. | Mar 18, 2023
On time, walked me through the process and the technician was extremely friendly. Best experience!

Lori P. | Mar 16, 2023
Such an easy experience. Technicians made a somewhat anxious test very comfortable. Quick, easy and painless.

Jennifer R. | Mar 14, 2023
Great staff, liked the pre warmed gown and gel.

Janet N. | Mar 13, 2023
Always professional and I never wait!! Thank you!

JOAN C. | Mar 12, 2023
Professional, efficient, welcoming.

Connie H. | Mar 09, 2023
Always professional and compassionate.

Cynthia W. | Mar 09, 2023
Prompt and dialed in on the schedule

Karen K. | Mar 07, 2023
Office was clean and staff was efficient and helpful.

Kirsten L. | Mar 07, 2023
very pleased

Richard K. | Mar 06, 2023
Very good

Ron D. | Mar 05, 2023
The procedure was quick and easy. The cost was talked about upfront, which I liked as well. The only complaint I had was that the check-in documentation was exhaustive. I would prefer to pre-fill this information online prior to my visit.

Scott B. | Mar 05, 2023
Great staff.

Toni C. | Mar 05, 2023
Very caring and professional staff!!

Karen L. | Mar 04, 2023
Very thorough and prompt

Dianne A. | Mar 03, 2023
Friendly and professional staff.

Rachelle L. | Mar 03, 2023
Everything was fine

Cynthia P. | Mar 02, 2023
Everything was good

Natalia P. | Feb 28, 2023
I've been having my mammograms and bone density tests at Bellevue Medical Imaging for years and have been very pleased with the technicians - knowledgeable and friendly. Would have given five stars, however, while I was waiting for my recent appointment, the front desk person was not friendly and seemed put out when a patient was asking her questions. Do better.

Penny S. | Feb 27, 2023
The staffs are nice and very helpful. Really appreciate the great experience.

Van D. | Feb 27, 2023
As always, when I am being seen by one of the professional's there I am the most important person they are working with. Its stressful for me to come in for my mammo's and that feeling is very important to me. I don't mind any waiting, because I feel treated with caring respect. Kathleen

Kathleen C. | Feb 25, 2023
I had an excellent experience at this facility. The receptionist answered my questions as did the kind person who conducted my cardiac calcium scan. I didn’t have to wait long and I felt that I was treated with respect and patience. I was a little nervous about having the procedure but I was supported and before I knew it I was done. Thank you!

Carolyn H. | Feb 21, 2023
I always feel confident after a trip to Bellevue Medical Imaging. They are thorough and pleasant to work with

Taryn H. | Feb 20, 2023
Quick, friendly efficient.

Steve E. | Feb 17, 2023
I have been here several times and every time was a good experience. I feel lucky having found such a good doctor and practice.

Betty E. | Feb 17, 2023
They have great teams they to help you get fast results for mammogram and ultrasound. I got great news at the end, thanks goodness.

Rin M. | Feb 16, 2023
Staff were all very friendly and I felt taken care of by the team at Bellevue Imaging.

Elaine W. | Feb 15, 2023
Friendly staff and easy to work with

Jose A. | Feb 14, 2023
fast and smooth check in and out who ever took care of me she is g8 forget her name thank you

Shakti K. | Feb 13, 2023
Dr. Jacobs was very informative and supportive. Staff was also very kind and helpful.

Jimmy M. | Feb 12, 2023

Jay R. | Feb 12, 2023
The team at BMI has be incredibly thorough in every aspect of their imaging process. Whether it be a mammogram, ultrasound, dexascan, MRI, CT scan. BMI has state of the arts equipment and highly trained technicians. Dr. Jacobs has given me A++ care, I will continue to be a patient with BMI, because it’s almost impossible to find this caliber of medical attention and care these days! Also, the reception staff is efficient, pleasant and responsive. Bellevue Medical Imaging is the best there is in my opinion!

Michele P. | Feb 11, 2023
As always, caring and gentle staff. Thanks to all.

Jean F. | Feb 10, 2023
Abdomen US well done

John V. | Feb 08, 2023
Excellent service and care. The team takes their job very seriously.

Betsy S. | Feb 08, 2023
Went well. Any chance you can send me the results of the scan.

Jim W. | Feb 07, 2023
Great except have not yet received results.

Susan H. | Feb 05, 2023
Excellent and respectful care from all technicians

Jessica B. | Jan 26, 2023
Great staff & service

Clarissa D. | Jan 25, 2023
It was an excellent experience at the facility. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Raj T. | Jan 25, 2023
Someone took me back right at my appointment time, was friendly and gave clear instructions. My appointment was on a Friday. When I mentioned that I was seeing my doctor on Monday, the tech said she'd mention that. When I saw my doctor on Monday, the results of the test were there. Great service!

Margo P. | Jan 24, 2023
The staff were very friendly and respectful . Starting with the receptionist at the lobby , then the smart ,easy going ,and proficinal technetian . Thanks to all your staff . They were so friendly .

Samiha A. | Jan 23, 2023
it's my choice to use bellevue imaging, it's a super place.

Claire V. | Jan 22, 2023
Technicians were friendly and knowledgeable. The only negative was the woman at the front desk on the first floor seemed very bothered to do her job. Not a good attitude.

Kathryn H. | Jan 21, 2023
They listened to my needs and were caring and professional.

Kristen B. | Jan 21, 2023
Fast, professional and friendly.

RAY S. | Jan 21, 2023
It went very smoothly. My wait time was minimal. Mammogram was ordered in a way that was to be billed to me. I was not aware of this and asked the receptionist to inquire as to why. I was not willing to pay a 700.00 surprise bill that day. That should have been conveyed to me before the appointment and cleared up before hand. Front office seemed overworked and said so. Doing her best. The women doing the mammogram and dexa scans were both professional and kind. I felt good in their hands. I did not like a man walking through the mammogram waiting room as I was alone in a very little cape. The office is dreary and dark and gave me the thought that I hope these diagnostic machines are not old and out dated as the place is. My overall experience was good. My experience at Evergreen Breats Center was much better.

Jayne S. | Jan 21, 2023
Front dest was very helpful when I signed in. I only wish at the time I made my appointment they told me it was not at the Kaiser Bellevue Medical Center. I asked twice when I made the appointment (as I was told KP didn't do these test) and was reassured it was in the same location. Same street, but not the same building! Luckily, I was early and able to find the location before my appointment time. Other than that, it was a lovely experience. My tech was amazing.

Melanie S. | Jan 20, 2023
All the staff were so friendly and put me completely at ease - my first mammogram!

Michelle G. | Jan 19, 2023
Excellent service from the greeting in the front office to the follow up after the appointment.

Brian J. | Jan 17, 2023
Friendly and professional staff.

Li L. | Jan 17, 2023
Excellent experience. Thank you!

Remington L. | Jan 17, 2023

Nina M. | Jan 16, 2023
I came in with my 88 yr old father. We were sent there by his internist without an appointment. Realizing that my dad was very ill that day, they quickly worked him in the schedule. Additionally, I’m thankful Dr. Jacobs was able to glance at the films to make sure they were of good quality, as it’s hard for dad to get around. The staff was so patient and kind. I would highly recommend this imaging center.

Karen E. | Jan 15, 2023
Dr. Jacobs and the staff were very professional and provided excellent customer service which is hard to find these days. Enjoyed my visit. Thank you.

Mabel A. | Jan 13, 2023

Isabelle H. | Jan 11, 2023
Timely, courteous, caring

Katrina S. | Jan 07, 2023
Very nice staff and comfortable experience overall!

Emma Rose D. | Jan 06, 2023
My only less-that-perfect experience was that I found it hard to locate the entrance for the appointment as I found the instructions a bit vague on that.

Bill L. | Jan 04, 2023
They were timely and polite in answering questions and getting results quickly.

R P. | Jan 02, 2023
It seems that you have carefully documented the material.

Eun C. | Jan 01, 2023
Front desk arrival was handled in a positive straightforward manner. Wait time was nominal (I did arrive somewhat early). Technician has a positive manner.

Jim P. | Jan 01, 2023
It was a good experience from check-in through the whole appointment. All staff was informative and kind.

Holland M. | Dec 31, 2022
Everyone was so friendly, from the front desk person to the technicians. I just had a brief CAT scan, but their demeanor helped make the experience stress free.

Richard M. | Dec 31, 2022
great service and follow up

Nayla M. | Dec 30, 2022
Quick and helpful staff

Bruce J. | Dec 28, 2022
Prompt and friendly.

Barbara S. | Dec 27, 2022
My experience at appt was just fine. It would be nice if you posted the full report online.

Elizabeth S. | Dec 27, 2022
Dr Jacobs, I can’t thank you enough for the level of care are detail you take in validating the work of your imaging team, and the personal approach you have taken over the years for me. I have had imaging done at Overlake, and I have felt that they do not give the level of scrutiny and care in their evaluations as in the manner you have. If you hadn’t found the breast cancer so early, and acted so quickly, in 2018 and again in 2020, I may not have been here to say thank you with all my heart. I was here to see my youngest graduate high school and my oldest graduate from college. I’m glad I have you on my side. With complete gratitude. Danielle Ewanchuk

Danielle E. | Dec 26, 2022
Technician checked my blood pressure and Ultrasounds both legs, very professional. Thank You

John M. | Dec 25, 2022
Convenient, efficient and professional! Great office!!

Patti H. | Dec 25, 2022
Great experience. Got me in and out quickly with no issues. Thanks!

Ally S. | Dec 24, 2022
I have been going here for over twenty years. I have experienced only the very best care. Dr. Brian Jacobs is so professional, detailed and caring. I would not want to go anywhere else. I highly recommend Bellevue Medical Imaging.

Heather L. | Dec 24, 2022
I could not have asked for better care than I received at BMI and the team. Their truly caring attitude made me so much more at ease and able to move forward with my cancer care. I am recommending BMI to everyone I meet. Thank You BMI team :-)

Sylvia E. | Dec 23, 2022
Very friendly tech helped and explained procedure

Pamela H. | Dec 23, 2022