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Women’s Imaging Comprehensive Breast Center services offered in Bellevue, WA

Women’s imaging tests like mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and bone scans all serve to detect conditions that are common in aging women. Brian Jacobs, MD, provides these tests for diagnostic and screening purposes at Bellevue Medical Imaging, PLLC, in Bellevue, Washington. To find out which tests at the women’s imaging center might benefit you, call Bellevue Medical Imaging or book an appointment online today.

Women’s Imaging Comprehensive Breast Center Q&A

What is the women’s imaging center?

The women’s imaging center offers multiple tests that cater to women’s health needs. This primarily includes services related to breast cancer, which can affect anyone but primarily affects women. 


At Bellevue Medical Imaging, Dr. Jacobs makes sure you fully understand the purpose of the test you’re getting. As soon as the results are available, he contacts you to discuss their implications. 

Which tests are available in the women’s imaging center?


The women’s imaging center at Bellevue Medical Imaging offers several tests that benefit aging women. Most of these tests are preventive in nature as they detect conditions you might not realize you have. You can visit the women’s imaging center for:



A mammogram is a screening test for breast cancer that uses low-dose radiation to produce an image of the tissue. You place your breast between two plates, which apply pressure to either side. This makes the image as detailed as possible. Ductography can happen during a mammogram using contrast material injected into your breasts’ milk ducts. 

Breast imaging


Breast imaging tests like breast ultrasounds and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) show detailed images of the tissue inside your breasts so Dr. Jacobs can examine any suspicious lumps. 

Breast biopsy


A breast biopsy removes a small sample of tissue from your breast if you had abnormal results from a mammogram or another breast imaging test. Dr. Jacobs evaluates the sample closely in a lab to test it for cancerous cells. For accuracy, Dr. Jacobs may perform a biopsy using ultrasound or MRI guidance. 

DEXA scanning


A DEXA scan is a bone scan that measures the density of your bones. Post-menopausal women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis, which can be diagnosed using DEXA scanning even before you get any bone fractures. 

When should I visit the women’s imaging center?


The women’s imaging center welcomes you to come in for breast screenings and diagnostic tests any time a breast exam locates a lump in the tissue. Breast lumps aren’t always breast cancer, but you need detailed tests like mammograms and other breast imaging procedures to find out. 


If you’re a woman aged 65 or older, or if you have a family history of osteoporosis, your care physician might encourage you to get a bone density study. When your body stops producing hormones during menopause, your bones can get weaker which puts you at risk of fractures.


To learn more about the comprehensive services at the women’s imaging center, Call Bellevue Medical Imaging or book an appointment online today.